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Wine'ing it

Wine'ing it

Wine. It’s how classy people get drunk, and how we get classy. And we’ve certainly been doing our fair share of that over the last couple of months!

At the end of May we launched a new ecommerce website for our friends at Peregrine Wines. This was a mammoth project for our team, and we came out the other side buzzing to work more in the industry.

The Peregrine launch was followed up with a new microsite for the Central Otago Pinot Celebration - one of the premier events on the international wine calendar for wine aficionados. If you fancy the idea of three days of wine masterclasses, tastings, food pairings and more in picturesque Central Otago - get amongst!

We’ve also been involved recently in some brand consultation with the Central Otago Wine Association and Central Otago Pinot Noir. Amongst other responsibilities, these organisations are involved with marketing Central Otago Wine to the world. Our work hasn’t finished here just yet, watch this space!

And in the last week, we launched another website for Mohua Wines. This family-run winery make an exceptional Sav and Pinot using sustainable practices, and export these wines exclusively into international markets. We gave their old website a much needed refresh, check it out.

Something all of these projects have in common is great people. Wine is one of those rare industries where everyone involved has a shared appreciation of craft and quality. They truly appreciate design and the value it brings to their business. So hopefully this is just the start of more road trips to Central Otago and other great wine regions - we’d love to do more projects (and keep growing our collection of fine wines in the studio too!).