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Self initiated projects: what to explore next?

Self initiated projects: what to explore next?

We’re currently working on our own (kinda random) app that in the next couple of months we hope to release on the app store. We believe working on our own projects is incredibly important to our studio. There’s no client, no brief (and yeah, no payment) but this also means we’re free to do whatever we like - to push boundaries, make mistakes, learn new things - fueling the creativity levels in each one of us.

We’re still to decide on our next self initiated project, but here’s a few new things and not so new things I’m interested in exploring.

VR & AR.

Virtual reality (being immersed in a computer generated experience) and augmented reality (superimposing digital imagery into the real world) used to be the stuff of science fiction movies. But it’s now all very real and starting to change how we can live, work and play. Gaming has been taken to another level, but I’m keen to explore the use of VR on the web and perhaps as tools for business.

360 Video.

Not quite VR, but a pretty cool way to experience video in a new way on our everyday devices. I think it's great that it puts users in the middle of the action, with the power to decide where and when to look round. It brings greater possibilities for more immersive digital experiences, which seems to be a goal of many briefs these days. Perhaps Phill should just buy that 360 degree camera.

Connectability – the internet of things.

This isn’t exactly bleeding edge, as everything is already becoming connected. Still, I got pretty excited when my new heatpump came with wifi control. It has made me think more about the possibilities of designing and developing control interfaces (apps? web?) for the numerous appliances and tools that will one day become connectable.


Yes, this isn’t digital. Or is it? My interest here is largely about waste. I’ve become increasingly aware of rubbish and recycling, with moving (personally) to the country where there is no collection services, and moving into our new studio and finding ourselves still considering how best to deal with waste. When it's not so easy to get rid off, you seem to stop and consider how much there actually is. It presents a handful of problems, which are a great place to start for any project.