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Products are only as good as their brands

Products are only as good as their brands

We live in a world where businesses obsess over product. Getting everything just right. As a design and development team we can definitely relate to this. But once a business has spent so much time and energy in developing a great product, just how important is it to invest in great branding?

We find ourselves often having to explain and justify the value of branding to businesses that think the logo they designed in Powerpoint will do the trick (...for now).

The short answer is that a poor brand identity can kill a great product and sink a company. Therefore, we suggest that from day one you invest as much on the brand identity as you would on developing the perfect product.

A longer and far more amusing answer comes in this Hamish & Andy demonstration of a great product (Ed Sheeran) being branded and sold poorly.

The result? Well, for a good couple of hours people turn down the opportunity for a private, 30 second Ed Sheeran concert for just $2. They simply can’t make sense of the offer. And when they do, they certainly don’t trust it. Finally, after some pretty pushy sales tactics they get punters through the door - who are pretty amazed that this was for real. Enjoy.