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Photography. It’s a love hate thing.

Photography. It’s a love hate thing.

Photography is a pretty big deal for us. It plays a role in most of our creative work for clients, and there’s probably not a day that goes by where we aren’t receiving photos from clients, taking photos for clients, editing or working with photos.

In all our years of doing this, photography is generally a bit of a mixed bag. We’ve had the pleasure of working with great photography captured by talented local photographers, including our very own Andy.

We’ve also seen some pretty special examples of bad photography. Bad composition, exposure, pixelation, blur, and backgrounds. We’ve been asked to use a scan of a printed photo on some large format outdoor media. We’ve been faxed photos. We no longer have a fax.

We thought the evolution of camera quality and smartphones would be great. I mean it is. But it also sees us getting a lot more photos from the Joe’s rather than the Pro’s. I’m not sure this is a good thing.

So, we spend a lot of time educating clients about photography. We encourage clients to invest in commissioned photography. In some instances, reluctantly, we resort to stock photos. This can be the more commercially sensible solution at times. And when we receive a bad photo, we make sure we’re honest with clients. Brutally honest. They usually end up thanking us for this.

This wouldn't really be a post about photography without featuring some. So to wrap things up, and for a bit of a laugh, here are some completely useless stock photos. We assume people find a way to use these. Caption this?