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Designing and developing imaginative website layouts

Designing and developing imaginative website layouts

For years we’ve been told that websites shouldn’t make people think, that they should be accessible, user-friendly and fast. I assume that a lot of web design and development companies have really taken this to heart. Or perhaps they’ve settled for a more convenient and efficient way to bang out websites for clients. Because with every new website launch announcement I check out, I keep seeing the same tired layout patterns.

I find this a little bizarre, in an era where brands are working so hard to be unique, to stand out from the competition and be seen as innovative and full of personality. Stranger still, it’s now more possible than ever to get creative with the web, with new coding techniques and higher spec devices, browsers and internet connections.

I’m calling for an end to this “pour your content into a template” school of web design, that’s making the web a stale and boring experience. It’s time to bring imagination back to our digital products and websites. I’m pretty sure we don’t need research to support the fact that audiences would like to see more of this too. The web isn’t new anymore. We don’t always want our hand held, and we’re not grateful that your website looks just like the last one we used.

And while I’m sure there’s a few web geeks who might argue otherwise, I’m sure there’s just as many like this guy who would have my back here. There’s also a whole bunch of sites, like awwwards and fwa that feature amazingly creative studios and agencies that are helping to create a better future for the web. Be sure to check these out and have your mind boggled.

I take great pride in our efforts to design and develop completely bespoke websites that are visually distinctive. Websites that are more effective, because they use design creatively to communicate personality and the essence/purpose of content. All whilst keeping things accessible, user friendly, and fast.