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Building The Bold 404 page

Building The Bold 404 page

Have you ever visited a site's page only to be shown a 'Page not found' error? Well, that's a 404, and it's shown when you're looking for a page that no longer exists, or never existed. Like the Loch Ness monster. Like when an old news article is removed, or if the user types the URL into the browser incorrectly.

Most designers completely ignore this page, but it's a great opportunity to inject some personality into a site. We like to take extra care with the little details because it's those details that really help set a website apart from the others. So that's what we did with our 404 page.

We've added Minecraft a block building world, so you can have some fun building whatever takes your fancy. It starts off with blocks spelling out '404' (obviously), and then you have full control over what you build. Add or remove blocks, rotate, pan, and zoom to give your creation a new perspective.

Check it out, have some fun!