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@theboldcreativestudio Instagram - Welcome to the team #canon #eosR #youbeauty
@theboldcreativestudio Instagram - We’ve just spent the last 3 days at Semi Permanent Auckland reinvigorating our creative juices and getting inspired by some amazing and talented people #spakl2019
@theboldcreativestudio Instagram - Job done! Nice one Andy
@theboldcreativestudio Instagram - Andy is up to something...
@theboldcreativestudio Instagram -
@theboldcreativestudio Instagram - You might have seen some of our campaign artwork around the city recently, encouraging road and footpath safety. It's a shame these things need campaigns really. Nevertheless, it has been a pleasure helping the DCC on this one.
@theboldcreativestudio Instagram - @andygiesecke got to meet this cute one month old yesterday 😍 @orokonui__ecosanctuary #kiwibird #haasttokoeka #conservation #newzealand #cutenessoverload #dunedinnz